Our Rooms & Themes

Each room has an individual theme and is named accordingly.

Native American Room

Native American

The colors of this south and wes-facing room favor the turquoise of the Southwest and the décor attempts to bring in a tribute to the Native Americans of both East and West. It has a view of the mountains of New Hampshire that feed Lake Umbagog. Sunsets are particularly attractive from this room. The room has a private bath.

Nautical Room


Blue and white is the room's dominant color scheme. It features a curved wall and an oil painting of an old seamon. The room has a view of the New Hampshire mountains and a northwest position which overlooks the deer path. The deer are particularly evident at dusk in winter as they feed in the back yard. The room has a private bath.

Chickadee Room


These feisty little birds deserve the title of Maine State Bird. They cling tenaciously to tree limbs weathering our winter climate and our famous nor'easters. Yet they are first to the feeder when the storm passes. The room displays their tri-colors as a compliment to these miniature Mainers. The room shares a bath.

Celtic Room


A plaid floor with plaid accoutrements pays tribute to the people of Celtic descent. This room has a slant chimney passing from floor to ceiling. Its cozy nook facing the deer trail allows great winter viewing of the woodland residents. This room shares a bath with the Chickadee Room.

Belisle Room

Belisle (family section)

The yellow walls with white trim echo the love of daisies Jeannette Belisle Gravel, my French-Canadian mother, had. This room is a tribute to her and Charles Gravel, my father. The room has a private bath.

Victorian Room

Victorian (family section)

The dark Bombay Mahogany colored floor captures the eye of all who first enter this room. The décor is an attempt to capture a bit of the flavor of the Victorian Era which brought men and women to the Lake Umbagog area to hunt and vacation. The room has a private bath.